Baby Check Bath (CIO) was delighted to receive Healthwatch Community Pot research funding in 2021-2022 to study the effect of osteopathic treatment on the postnatal health & wellbeing of new mothers and their babies

  • Babies were treated for colic, reflux, “wind”/ digestion issues, difficulty settling & sleeping, difficulty turning their head/ lying on their back, breastfeeding problems, check-up after a traumatic birth, turned in foot/sticky eye
  • Mothers were treated for back pain, feeling emotional& depressed, muscle pain
  • Having a traumatic birth experience can be a trigger for postnatal mental health issues in new mothers, including postnatal depression.
  • Helping these babies and their mothers recover is an important part of supporting their postnatal health and wellbeing
  • 50% of Mums had experienced a traumatic birth 
  • 100% of Mums said they would recommend our service to other families
  • 68% of Mums had not been to an Osteopath before
  • Babies were more settled after osteopathic treatment
  • Mothers felt better once their babies were more settled

Baby Check Bath (CIO) provides a charity funded, free osteopathy service for new Mums & babies in need in Bath & North East Somerset, established 2015

“Fantastic service, has made the world of difference and will highly recommend”
“Thank you so much, really appreciate it. Baby has made a great improvement”
“After the third session I saw a huge difference, tummy troubles resolved and much more settled” 
“Fantastic support and very kind”
“We are extremely grateful and thankful for the service. Thank you”

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