Baby Check Bath Reopens After Lockdown | August 2020


We are delighted to announce that Baby Check is now able to begin a limited-service again. In order to do this, we need parents to read the information that outlines the hygiene measures and risk reduction protocols we have taken and the ones we need you to observe, to make your visit to the clinic as risk-free as possible.

These are displayed on the Stillpoint website here:

We need parents to help us in maintaining heightened hygiene measures and social distancing to make your visit to the clinic as risk-free as possible.

Each family will be seen by an individual osteopath in a separate room, we are not able to run the community clinic at present.

We are able to continue to offer free of charge postnatal osteopathic treatment for both new babies and their mothers.

New mums can receive postnatal treatment alongside their baby, or as stand-alone treatment, depending on need.

We need to draw your attention to the fact that Baby Check Bath works as a charity providing support for families who cannot afford to pay for treatment.

As our service is limited, we have to prioritise families who are most in need, so please take this into consideration before requesting an appointment with Baby Check Bath. 

Families who can afford to pay for treatment can book into our private clinic at Stillpoint and can receive postnatal treatment from one of our team of experienced osteopaths.

We look forward to seeing you at Baby Check Bath and resuming all the good work we have been doing supporting local families for more than 5 years.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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