At Baby Check we feel passionate about the impact that Osteopathy can have for infants and their families in their precious first months of life and are fortunate to witness these benefits in our clinical practice. Whilst much anecdotal evidence exists in support of Osteopathy in the treatment of infants there is a demand for more robust evidence as the public profile and demand for Osteopathy in this field continues to grow.

Alongside our vital clinical work at Baby Check we have been conducting some valuable research to fill this void.

We are currently running a research project to evaluate parent’s perceptions of the benefits of Osteopathy for infants 0-3 months. This research has been conducted on two previous occasions on a smaller scale in a GP practice in Bath and inspired our current project through the encouraging results it produced. This research, whilst not published, won an award in the “New Initiatives in Primary Care” run by the South West Health Authority. Our aim is to publish our current research findings and is hoping for over 100 survey responses from the families we have helped. This currently totals 160 families since the commencement of Baby Check in January 2015. We are close to hitting our target with over 80 families responding to our survey and the feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive of our service

‘Joe has definitely become so much happier and relaxed since having the sessions at Baby Check which has had a big impact on our family, we can’t thank you enough!’

The statistics are also encouraging. 98.8 % of people surveyed would recommend this service to other families and 83.8% of parents gave at least an 8 out of 10 or more for how helpful they have found the service.

Our goal at Baby Check is to increase the capacity of our services available to our local community to make Osteopathy accessible for all families, whilst also advocating the benefits of Osteopathy in the treatment of infants through much needed data collection and ongoing research. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support of our service and will keep you informed of our exciting research developments.

‘The service is fantastic and wonderfully generous’

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We are halfway to our fund raising target, of £50, 000, for this year.

If you would like to help us achieve this, find us at:

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