30 Days to make a huge difference with a Baby Check Donation

  • Starting at 10am on 17th October Baby Check are taking part in Grow your Tenner, an annual match funding campaign by Local Giving which runs until Midday on 16th November. This is a wonderful opportunity for Baby Check and we are hoping to raise some money to help fund our very busy charity. For instance a donation of £10.00 would be matched by Local Giving, making the total £20.00 and by adding gift aid the total paid to Baby Check would be £22.50.

Six Years Of Grow Your Tenner!… From Local Giving

We are delighted to announce that the flagship campaign, from Local Giving, Grow Your Tenner, will kick off on Tuesday 17th October at 10am and run until the match funding runs out (or midday on Thursday 16th November – whichever comes first).

This is the sixth consecutive year of Grow Your Tenner – the campaign that turns your tenners into twenties.

  • Since 2012 Grow Your Tenner has raised over £6 million for local charities and community groups across the UK over the last five years.
  • Grow Your Tenner 2016 raised over £1 million for more than 1,300 Localgiving members.

This year we they have placed a special emphasis on monthly giving – their aim being to help local groups attract long term supporters. Regular donations are hugely important for small, local charities, helping us to stabilise our finances and plan for the future.

During Grow Your Tenner 2017 you will be able to support Baby Check Bath in two ways:

  • Make a one-time donation and it will be matched up to £10.
  • Set up a monthly donation and after your first six donations, the following six donations will be matched up to £10.

Grow Your Tenner 2017 currently has a total match fund pot of £200,000:

  • £100,000 is available for matching one-time donations.
  • £100,000 is available for matching  monthly donations.

Rules of the Campaign

  • Start date and time: 10am on Tuesday 17th October 2017.
  • Please note: both one-time and monthly donations made before 10am will not be matched, or any made after the match funding runs out will not be matched
  • End date and time: Whenever the match fund runs out or midday on Thursday the 16th November 2017 (whichever comes first).


If you would like to make a donation of any amount up to £10.00, or set up a direct debit, you can visit localgiving.org/babycheckbath or click below:

Turn my £10 into £20

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